Erbil Steel

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Erbil Steel Company, of which the construction started in 2006 in North Iraq, commenced operating in December 2007 with reinforcing bar manufacturing. The facility generating its own energy its power plant generating 32MW has a capacity of 240,000 tons.

As far as the production and employment capacity are concerned, Erbil Steel Company is the leading heavy industry investment in the region it produces reinforcing bar in.

Erbil Steel Company is able to produce daily 600 tons of reinforcing bar by melting scrap by means of integrated steel plant, rolling mill and power plant. Our company is of service to our customers with professional and experienced team, in compliance with ASTM 615 GRADE 60 standards, maintaining the success and the reliability.

Erbil Steel Company has justified proud of maintaining his leader position with its improvement and progress oriented vision by fulfilling the needs of the sector.

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